It’s here! It’s here!

Just as I arrived home yesterday the big brown truck pulled up and out popped a driver with a big box for me. Inside were 25 copies of Call to the Hunt. Yeah! The book looks really good. It’s a slim green trade paperback, 98 pages, with Kirk’s fabulous art on the cover and Kelley Armstrong’s introduction leading off. Oh yeah, and my 12 stories and a short author’s foreword are in there, too. The book is priced at $10.

So far, the book isn’t listed anywhere. Nathan said it’ll be at and B& in a couple of weeks, or whenever the next Ingram catalogue goes out. Matt at Shocklines has ordered several copies that will come to me first for signing. When he has a pre-order page set up, I’ll link to it here. Nathan’s also contacted some other noted horror booksellers. When I know more about whether or not they’ll be carrying the book, I’ll let you know.

I found out yesterday that Alex’s best friend, who is being home schooled for the rest of this academic year, is reading Murdered by Human Wolves as one of his texts. I found this a little odd considering the drug use, less-than-consensual sex and the violence of the book. But, the kid’s dad said he doesn’t want to shelter his son and he thought I handled those things tastefully. So, okay. Then Alex asked why he couldn’t read it. So I told him he could. I doubt he will, though. Alex doesn’t read for fun, unless it’s video game cheat sheets.

I got some unauthorized information on the job reorganization at OCU. I think it’s good news … but won’t really know for a while.

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  1. Hooray!
    Can’t wait to order my “new’ copy!
    When the kids here get the cheat sheets it always screws up my computer.
    I hope the OCU is good news for you too. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for ya’.

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