Italiano search update

This e-mail message just came in from the Louisiana Department of Public Safety’s public affairs office:

Currently, we are unable to provide information on a particular location in
that area. A phone number has been set up as a clearing house of
information regarding friends and loved ones. Please contact 866-GET-INFO.

Obviously, they’re getting a lot of calls. I haven’t been able to get through yet. Please feel free to give it a try and let me know what your results are.

UPDATE: I just found this phone number to check on survivors: 225-925-6626. So far it’s been busy when I called.

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  1. Steve, I got through to the 866-438-4636 number. The recorded message basically says it is for people directly involved the disaster and in need of emergency medical help. If you are searching for a loved one, they firmly advise to hang up and call the local Red Cross in that area.
    I’ll keep trying the 6626 number.

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