Interns are cool

I now have three young female interns doing my bidding. But not a cigar or blue dress in sight. Not that I would use my position to turn a young woman into a humidor. hahaha  I’m just glad to have the temporary help to straighten up some clerical stuff a former male intern was too damn stupid — or stubborn and lazy — to do correctly.

Not much to report today. I think I will go with the Cross-genre Pollination speech for my second presentation at the OWFI convention in April. I think, based on some misinformation that was provided at last year’s con, that the POD lecture would be valuable, but probably ignored.

I’ve got three freelance articles that were due yesterday. None are done. I’ve only talked to one of the many people I need to talk to for the articles. A few weeks ago I’d have been climbing the walls with stress over that fact. Now … pfft. Don’t get me wrong. I want to do the articles, but I just don’t have the time to spend on three articles per deadline anymore. I’ve told the editor that. Hell, I told her I’d have to quit, but she asked me to continue to do one story per deadline after these three and, being the sucker I am, I agreed.

I’m going to write a prologue to Amara’s Prayer this weekend. I’m not sure that’s the answer. I’m still not totally convinced there’s a problem, but after discussing it with my agent I’m going to write a prologue with a supernatual events causing lots of death and destruction to try to draw the reader in and stick with the character development and more subtle events of the first part of the book.

This is a matter of my own opinion that the book is better without the prologue and the fact no one in my critique group or my thesis committee thought the book started too slow vs. the opinion of one editor who thought it did. But, I do know that my novels tend to start slow. Shara does and many people noted that, but followed up by saying they couldn’t put the book down later. That’s the kind of book I like. I don’t want to write the literary equivalent of that Van Helsing movie, relying on constant action to hold the reader’s attention.

Speaking of my critique group, one member just read my children’s book, Songbird. This is a chapter book for kids between 8-12. She liked it and gave it to her daughter to read and the daughter liked it, too, but thought it should have been longer. Very interesting. Maybe I should put some effort into that. Yeah, I’ll put that on the to-do list.

I’m still working on the new Werewolf Saga site. I’ve decided on a rather simple design and have created some graphics for it. I’m working on a history of the Pack, an FAQ and various other pages for the site. I plan to officially launch it with the publication announcement for Call to the Hunt.

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