Internet trash

My day started with an e-mail showing that every TV station in town had
run a story announcing the name of OCU’s new men’s basketball coach.
Then I was summoned to the president’s office along the the VP of my
department, the athletic director and the sports information director
and we were asked who leaked the name. Nobody confessed. Not a huge
deal, but since the guy does have a tiny bit of controversy surrounding
him at his former school, it gave a young reporter at the Oklahoman the
chance to do some research and print a story mentioning the past.

The press conference announcing the new coach went off surprisingly well.

I had my first contact with my new boss today. The VP told me to write
a press release to send next week announcing the new boss’s hiring. So
I sent her an e-mail asking for a photo and a quote, telling her I was
relieved to finally learn who the new boss would be, glad it’s someone
I know a little, etc. Her response was cold, at best. She basically
replied with a mission statement … and that isn’t even the quote for
the release. Shit.

Then there was a rush job on ad copy, a controversy surrounding
something the VP thought the Webmaster had done when he hadn’t and
other little fires. Damn. I’m getting burned out. I’m beginning to
dread going to work in the mornings.

I guess ol’ Poppy ain’t the only one what thinks I’m a bigot.
Apparently, according to one blogger, I “wish the fires of hell upon
every homo” and shouldn’t be surprised Poppy thinks I’m a bigot.
Whatever. The world is full of trash. The Internet is the rain that
washes it all into a gutter.

No writing news today. Too tired, too pissed and too burned out.

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