Two other good things came of my attendance at Conestoga this past weekend. The first was just getting re-inspired to work on The Puppet King. Enthusiasm for the project waned a bit as I worked on the MbHW screenplay. And, my critique group isn’t digging the book much; Tarod, the hero, isn’t particularly likable in the first part of the book, and sword-and-sorcery tales just aren’t for everybody. And really, I’m in the mood to write something brand new. But, I’m going to continue with Tarod’s story. Maybe I can win over the group. Maybe not. But this is a series of books I really want to write because I can weave horror into it, bring in a lot of mythological elements and write a lot of violent swordplay into it. I just have to fix this first book, then see if I can sell it.

The other good thing was listening to KMOD on the way home. They played Nazereth’s “Hair of the Dog” and suddenly I was hit by an idea to promote the new edition of Shara with the phrase, “The bitch is back.” Yeah, now for the hard part of actually coming up with the promo campaign. I have a few ideas, though.

Damn, I just realized KMOD has a “Babe of the Day” page on their site. Ummm.

Oh, I also need to mention Lance Hawvermale here. I met Lance at the OWFI conference back in April. The guy cleaned up on awards. I talked to him more this past weekend and found out he’s in the final stages of going through Oklahoma’s alternative teacher certification program. He told me a bit about what to expect. Good luck on that job, Lance!

Still no good job prospects for me. It’s very frustrating. Kinda scary at this point. I can’t even get an interview in most cases. I know one job I was interested in — one that didn’t even pay that much — had over 80 applicants. I worked at McDonald’s when I was 16. Wal-Mart when I was 17. I wonder if either would rehire me. T.G.& Y. and Safeway are both gone. Machine shops … well, let’s not talk about that. There’s always panhandling.

I’m still listenting to Wednesday 13. The song “Bad Things” … Wow. Art Cotton, this repeat is for you.

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