I’m a Best-selling Author

Okay, well, it’s only at one online store specializing in horror, but hey, it’s a start! My chapbook Murdered by Human Wolves actually has been No. 10 on Shocklines’ best-seller list for the past two weeks. Shocklines folk are great!

The Oklahoma Centennial Book Festival is tomorrow. I will be so glad when it’s over. It’s been a nightmare since I first heard about it. Personally, I’m quite pissed at Barnes and Noble for not getting my books. I’ve spent about $200 just to participate in this thing that’s almost given me an ulcer to help pull together. Hopefully I’ll sell a lot of books — at least I won’t have to share my money with B&N or anybody else. Working with volunteers really sucks, too.

I’ve had a long discussion with Jane Letty, my new agent, and we’re going to start shopping Shara around to major publishers sooner than expected. The bad news there is that the book likely will be out of print for a year or so. If you have one of the 150 or so POD copies, it could be worth something someday … when I’m a best-seller according to the New York Times.

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