I think it might be real this time

Kayleighbug Books, the parent company of Scrybe Press, has a page up for pre-ordering Shara. He’s got the trade paperback listed at just $12, almost four bucks cheaper than the cover price. Check it out! (And go ahead and order!)

Don’t know if you want it? You can still read an excerpt and deleted scenes at my official The Werewolf Saga Web site. The site will have a new look soon, but it’s still fuctional.

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    • Re: Pre-orders
      Thankee! I’m really excited about it. Looks like he changed his mind on the cover price. He’d told me it would be $15.95, but the PDF of the full cover he sent shows $14.95, so I guess Kayleighbug’s price is only 3 bucks off.
      Now I have two books returning from out-of-print status within one month of each other. Time to do some promo work!

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