I miss my intern

Today I finally got my ID badge and computer login at work. No more checking in at the security desk every time I leave the building, and no more having to go to the front door when the parking lots are beside and behind the building. And no more using the boss’s login to get on the computer. Tomorrow they’ll set up the Blackberry.

The first thing I get to do in the mornings is go through The Tulsa World, The Oklahoman and The Journal Record newspapers looking for any articles that mention highways, waterways or air travel. Or other things of relevance, like the current effort to increase the pay of state employees. They have to be copied, cut out, recopied with an identifying mark from the newspaper, labeled by category, have the page number written on them, scanned, posted online and e-mailed to select people. Ugh. At that university, I had an intern who handled all the media clips for me. The drawbacks of no longer being a director, I guess.

Doing the clips means I also get to see the obituaries for OKC and Tulsa. Talk about depressing. Just about every day there’s at least one person listed who is younger than me. I need to read obits from other states. Do yours usually start off with lines like, “John Doe went to be with his Lord and Savior on April 1, 2006 …”? Almost all of them here, especially in The Oklahoman, start off that way.

And the accident reports! I think somebody dies on an Oklahoma highway just about every damn day. That’s just very weird to think about — being on the highway going home from work or something, then suddenly you’re dead. Everything you wanted to do with the rest of your life is gone. Your family has to deal with the emotional and financial loss. Spouse and kids left behind … It’s just depressing.

I guess it’s a good thing clips get done first so I can think about something else immediately afterward.

In writing news, Amara’s Prayer is off to an agent who will send it to a major publisher. The agent, the publisher and the editor were all recommended to me, and that sweet blurb I mentioned a few days ago helped with the agent, I think. He isn’t officially my agent; he said he didn’t have time to mass submit the book, but offered to send it to this one publisher for me. Cross your fingers.

My workshop in Kansas is Saturday. Scrybe Press has not come through with copies of Murdered by Human Wolves yet. And no, there have been no copies of Shara show up on my doorstep, either. There are still two days in which they could arrive, but considering the e-mail I sent a couple of days ago went unanswered, I have my doubts about seeing the books. Another three months and the rights to Shara come back to me, if it isn’t published. Darkscapes is late from Fine Tooth Press, too. The only books I have to take with me are copies of Call to the Hunt.

Now, is it horribly vain to admit that I’m really enjoying reading Ulrik? There are still a lot of small edits to be made, but overall I think the book is really pretty good. It’s not East of Eden, but I think it’ll entertain people who liked my other werewolf stories.

Full moon tomorrow. Ya’ll leave the path and howl in the forest, ya hear?

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  1. Dude, the first newspaper I wrote for canned me because they needed more room for church news. Hand to God (and apparently about 500 words worth of space).
    Glad to hear about the job, man. Here’s to paychecks!

  2. Hmmm, the start of your day reminds me of Donald Sutherland as Miles Bennet in the INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS remake; he clipped articles too!

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