I have sinned

Apparently I’ve done some kind of wicked shit and I’m being punished for it. Today was a gift from Hell. I will go insane soon if I don’t get a job and get out of this house. I love my kids, but need some space.

Yesterday I received an Mp3 player I won on eBay. It didn’t work. I e-mailed the seller, who has a 99.9 percent positive feedback rate with over 12,200 sales. He told me to try the device on another computer. WTF? Why? So I can go find another computer every time I want to put music on the device? But, I did it, because my computer gets wacky sometimes. Same thing. The computers say the attached device is malfunctioning. So I sent the seller another e-mail telling him that and that I would pay to send the thing back, but I want a full refund of my purchase price and the original $18 shipping charge. I should have just gone to freakin’ Sprawl-Mart.

Now I’m trying to print a copy of The Prometheus Syndrome and after 300 pages the computer has decided there’s a system error and it can no longer print. Yeah? I’ll throw you out this damn window and you’ll think system error you Dell piece of crap. My next computer will be a Mac.

And you can bet your ass it won’t be using SBC Yahoo, either.

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  1. I won a bid on ebay. Total cost of item $1.72. Yeah! Total cost of shipping $62.00. I e-mailed the seller and told him (very nicely) no freakin’ way.
    Gots me a Dell too. They suck. I’ve stared at my window many a time with the same thoughts.

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