I ain’t again

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It’s always a treat to see your grave marker before you die, no? And this little epitaph sounds so absolutely Okie, too. How fitting.

Yesterday I received a list of questions from a reporter at The Oklahoma Gazette. He’s interviewing me and Craig Wolf for the Halloween issue of OKC’s alternative artsy newspaper. Some interesting questions. I’ve written my responses, but will be going over them today, now that they’ve cooled a bit, to make sure I’m saying what I want to say. How much of my dementia do I really want to blame on The First Assembly of God church up there in Enid? Hmmm.

My lovely and supportive wife read the Q&A and assured me that it sounds like me. That’s a good thing, I think. Then she pointed out I forgot to mention various things she finds humorous in this blog. Hyperbole? Me? Never! If she ever digs up that blog entry about Steve’s Stud Service, “Home of the three-orgasm guarantee,” I’m screwed fer shure.

Oh, the reporter said the paper has actually contacted GAK about doing the cover for the Halloween issue. That’d be nice!

A buddy over in Arizona e-mailed me the other day to let me know a Barnes & Noble store in Tucson had five copies of Call to the Hunt on the shelf. Hey, you expect book stores to have books on their shelves, but for a chain store to have copies of a small press book by an author who isn’t local to the area is kind of rare. Thanks to B&N, and to Nick Cook for letting me know.

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  1. Hey, it was nice seeing you out at Fencon. Sorry we didn’t get much of a chance to sit and talk. I was only able to attend Saturday and ended up doing a bunch of wheeling and dealing — might have got me some work, so despite the fact I had to be somewhat of a social misfit it may have been worth it. Conestoga comes around and we’ll have to sit and have an adult beverage or two.
    Congratulations on the interview. I hope it helps sell some books.

  2. Steven,
    Did Chris at the Oklahoma Gazzette tell you that he has asked me to do the cover of the issue you’re going to be featured in?
    I’ve been meaning to email you….
    I just haven’t yet
    I will and we can type at each other about it.
    -Kirk Alberts

    • Hey Kirk! Nothing against GAK, but I’m thrilled to learn it’s actually you the paper contacted about doing the cover for that issue. Doug, the reporter, said they’d contacted the artist who did the cover for Murdered by Human Wolves, which is why I thought it was GAK. Now I’ll definitely be framing the cover of this issue!

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