HWA, Stokers, etc.

No word meters today. I didn’t get squat done. I revised, combined, added to a few chapters of The Puppet King yesterday, but didn’t add enough to bother with the meter. I tried working on a newspaper article today but didn’t get anywhere with it.

The other day I was going to comment on the Stokers. By this time, anyone who cares probably has already seen the list of winners. If not, here’s a link. You probably think this is leading up to a complaint, but it’s not. I was actually very happy with this year’s results. (Okay, I would have been happier if my name was included, but …) Several of the works I voted for came up winners. Not all, but several, which is better than my average for elections.

Some accusations of favoritism have been thrown around. In the past, I think that has been an issue. But this time I don’t think so. That’s not to say I liked all the winners, but I believe they won on merit.

I learned today that Gary A. Braunbeck is running for president of the Horror Writers Association. I consider that very good news. Gary’s one of the good guys. It actually makes me much more interested in becoming a trustee. I wrote a draft of my platform statement today. I wish I had copies of some past statements; all I have is some vague memories. Mine is probably too long and too specific. I’ve got another day to refine it.

Hmm. Could this entry be any more mundane?

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    • Ah, it was a coding issue. I forgot a closing quotation in the HWA link.
      Hey, did you get my e-mail to Joe and the trustees about my interest in running for a trustee position? I saw Joe posted the list of candidates today and I wasn’t in there. I’ve suspected I’ve had some e-mail problems, particularly when sending to more than one person.

  1. What the hell? Where’d the rest of my freakin’ post go? I swear I typed it, officer. It was right there.
    Gary as president of HWA, of course, of course.
    Hmm. This is puzzling.

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