How to be Conservative and Pro-Choice in the Abortion Debate

Most people who know me know that I am anti-abortion. So it may surprise them to hear me call myself pro-choice. After all, the pro-abortion side has co-opted that term, making many people think that abortion is the only choice. Semantics and propaganda, I say.

Can you be both anti-abortion and pro-choice without having a screw loose? Sure! It just takes a little logic and a willingness to take responsibility for your actions.

Did you just feel the rush of the most liberal of the leftists clicking away from this blog?I love to use examples, so let’s compare sex and gambling.

I’ve never been to Las Vegas. That’s a choice I’ve made. If, however, I was to find myself in Sin City, I could then make a choice as to whether or not to enter a casino. Once inside, I could choose whether or not to throw some dice at the craps table. Then, of course, I could choose my number – let’s say I choose lucky seven.

Now let’s put that into the context of sex. Just as I can choose to go to Las Vegas or not, a woman can choose to date. As I can choose to go into a casino, she can choose whether or not to have sex with a sperm producer (that would be a man, ya know). I choose to gamble; she chooses to use birth control, or not.

I choose seven, roll snake-eyes and crap out. She chooses unprotected sex with her date and comes up pregnant.

When the snake-eyes show up on my die roll, I do not then get to decide to abort the roll. There are folks there to make sure I face the responsibility of my choices. If I gambled my going-home money, guess what? The casino owners and bouncers aren’t going to care. Why? Because I made the choice to gamble that money.

But, when people engage in sex, they know they can shirk their responsibility should their fun end up causing an unplanned pregnancy. (I say people because the guy involved is every bit as responsible as the woman, though it’s the woman who’ll have to bear the majority of the consequences.) That’s just wrong. You play the game, you have to be prepared to accept the consequences. If you’re not, then don’t play.

Some of you are asking, “What if she used birth control and it failed?” What if? What if I used loaded die in my crap shoot and one bounced funny and came up with the wrong number despite being loaded? It’s all part of the game. The possible consequences are the same no matter what you do to try to alter the outcome.

You liberals who are still here are yelling, “What about rape and incest?” What about it? Rape is a horrible, despicable crime and incest is just plain gross. Morally, I think it would still be wrong to abort a child conceived in rape; it wasn’t the baby’s fault how it was conceived. Incest? That one’s even harder. In these two cases, I would be willing to concede that the woman involved be allowed to make the decision.

But consider this – in 2000, between 10,000-15,000 abortions occurred among women whose pregnancies resulted from rape or incest, according to Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health®. Even at the high end, that’s still a relatively low percentage of the 1.31 million abortions performed that year.

Here are some more numbers from Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health®: “In a national survey of 1,900 women having abortions, the most common reasons given for terminating an unwanted pregnancy were lack of economic support for a child (or another child) and not being ready to become a parent.”

Here’s a quote on the third-highest answer (Life would be changed too much): “Women who said that ‘life would be changed too much’ include those women who wanted to continue their education or not interrupt their career, or who had other family responsibilities, such as taking care of an elderly parent.”*

Convenience. Ain’t got the money for a baby, or I just ain’t ready, or hey, I got other stuff going on and a baby would just interfere. Convenience.

Wouldn’t it be convenient if you didn’t have to pay your gambling losses? Wouldn’t it be convenient if you never had to take any responsibility for any decision you make? But in the real world, you do have to take responsibility for most of your decisions. Except sex. If you roll baby eyes in the game of sex, you just ask the doctor to throw those dice away and you keep playing. Roe v. Wade allows you to do that in America.


I am pro-choice. I am pro-personal responsibility. I urge you to make the choices you’re prepared to live with.

*You can download an extensive PowerPoint presentation with this and other abortion facts at

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