How America is Ruining the Cultures of Afghanistan and Iraq

One thing about being a conservative and working at a liberal arts university – I’m never at a loss for column ideas. I was going to write about something different this week, but upon overhearing a conversation by a liberal female co-worker in my office, I’ve been inspired to write about her thoughts because … well … because she was absolutely right.

We’ll call this co-worker J., which is close enough to her real name. J. was preaching the left-wing gospel to another co-worker, explaining how wrong it was for the United States to go into Afghanistan and Iraq and force our way of life on those people. She made a convert of me.

I mean, think about it. There are 10.5 million people in Afghanistan eligible to vote now that the country is preparing to hold elections for government office. How dare we introduce a system into that country that could bring mudslinging, hanging chads and, worst of all, leaders who serve the people.

Of those 10.5 million people eligible to vote, about half are women. A article published July 16, 2004, says that so far 2.1 million women have registered to vote, making up 38 percent of the current electorate in that country. What were we thinking? Giving women voting power? We have no right to do that. Is there any way we can justify giving voice to millions of women? And, those women have become so brainwashed by our evil that they are registering to vote despite death threats and land mines killing women registering other women to vote.

Next thing you know, those women will be demanding abortion rights. They’ll be wanting the same wages men are paid. God help us, but they may want to start wearing colorful clothing, choosing a different religion and even showing their faces and ankles in public.

With women gaining rights, next thing you know you’ll have gay Afghanis wanting to get married. Racial minorities will want reparations for crimes perpetrated by people now dead. Lazy people will demand a Great Society in which they get money without working – money taken through taxation from people who do work.

Eventually, Islamic prayers will be banned at sporting events. Students will not be allowed to pray at Afghani schools. Any mention of a moral code of conduct will be seen as forcing religion on the unwilling and the Afghani people will be too afraid to speak up about what is morally right or wrong because to do so isn’t politically correct.

Oh yeah, and terrorist groups like the Taliban and al Qaeda will no longer be able to safely plan the murder of thousands of Americans within the borders of a country governed by its people.

Centuries of the utopian civilization these people have enjoyed is being ruined because of the United States.

J. was right. America was dead wrong. We did a horrible thing by going into Afghanistan. Let’s divert the money we’re spending to start the Afghan election process to put the Taliban back in power. Let’s revoke the voter registrations – particularly from the women – and tell Osama bin Laden he can come out of hiding. Maybe we should give him a few more passenger airplanes full of Hollywood movie stars as a sign of goodwill.

And, absolutely, let’s get out of Iraq before we do any more damage there. Millions more men and women could be subjected to the horror of elections, fair trials and the ability to openly criticize government officials elected by the people.

America truly is the most evil nation in the history of the world. We have no right to inflict these terrible things we do on nations ruled by peace-loving leaders like Saddam Hussein. The stain of hurting this man who sent so many thousands of Kurds to a happy afterlife will be on our hands for generations to come.

Please, President Bush, on behalf of me and J., stop the madness before it’s too late!

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