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I just sent off the first Horror World newsletter in a long, long time. The newsletter, called What’s On Board, was a regular feature for a while, but was put on hiatus when Ron and Nanci began revamping the site, then we just never got the newsletter going again. Until now. This first one doesn’t have a lot of features, but it does have the Message Board Roundup Ron does and my Home, Home on the ‘Net column, this time featuring Tom Piccirilli. Anyone can sign up for the newsletter by going to Horror World. Next time out I plan to begin a new column called Hot Presses, Cool Books, featuring one publisher.

Went out of town yesterday and came home to a package in my mail box. It was the ex-library copy of Ian Woodward’s The Werewolf Delusion. I’m always building my collection of non-fiction werewolf books and this looks like a good one. Thank goodness for eBay.

Now I’m turning over the computer to this 10-year-old daughter so she can get the latest scoop on Hilary Duff. I’m going to my bedroom to lock myself away with the laptop and work on The Prometheus Syndrome for a while.

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