Horror World reviews Little Graveyard

I almost forgot about this review at Horror World since I got to read it pretty far in advance. It’s a really nice one. Here’s a little snippet to entice you to read all of it. Oh yeah, and buy the book.

Little Graveyard on the Prairie flat-out ground my soul into a fine powder and left it to blow across the desert. My first taste of this author left me wondering why newer writers can’t be this literate, insightful, original and fresh. Wedel opens his imagination and lets it softly tiptoe into your mind with an ice-cube-down-the-spine first chapter and never lets the reader off the hook until the shattering conclusion. I was reminded of a Braunbeck or a John Little tale and if any of you good people have read these two writers you know what a high compliment that is.

Many thanks to Mark Tyree for reading and reviewing Little Graveyard on the Prairie.

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