Happy birthday, Jake

Can it really be? Was it really three years ago I was in the Ponca City hospital as my last child was born? It hardly seems possible, but the calendar says it is. My little guy is three years old. And already too smart for his own good. And stubborn. He refuses to use the toilet. No way. And he has a temper. But the face of a cherub. And now he’s three years old. Amazing. We’re having a party tomorrow and most of the families from Enid will come.

Amanda, who is four, said to Kim yesterday for no apparent reason: “Mommy, I’m glad you and Daddy are married.” She does things like that a lot. For no known reason she’ll say some completely random but very touching thing. Of course, she followed that statement by saying: “When we grow up, me and Jakie will get married.” Yeah. Not in this state, sweetie. And not while I’m alive.

My big news got announced at Horror Fiction News Network. So I guess I can say it here. I’ll be a guest author at Horrorfind V. This was a great con when I was there in 2003. Last year I went to the first one they held in Phoenix. It was fun, but sparsely attended. There were a few thousand people in Baltimore in 2003. Of course, that also was the launch for Shara and that was … not what I expected. Now I have to give some serious thought about what to read. I should have five available books to choose from by August.

All right. Time to work. Happy birthday, Jacob! Daddy will see you this evening.

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