No writing today. After the MbHW script marathon, I wanted a day off. I mowed the lawn this afternoon, which was a bad thing to do. It was way too hot to be out there doing that. But then it rained this evening, so I’m glad I got it done.

Halloween is on Sci-Fi right now. Such wonderful memories associated with that one. I was just getting into horror when I first saw it. Actually, the sequel was the first horror flick I ever saw at a theater. John Carpenter’s music is just brilliant, setting the tone perfectly. There are a few silly things in the movie, like the body falling out of the closet by itself, but really, this is an almost perfect horror movie. The low budget look, too, is priceless. Think of that … how many of the best horror movies are done on a low budget, when the people involved have to rely on plot rather than special effects.

Gotta go take a test as part of the application process for a state job tomorrow. I’m really getting kinda nervous about not having a job.

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  1. I like all of John Carpenter’s movies from that time period. The Fog, The Thing, Escape From New York, etc. Most of them are simply plotted but there’s just something about them. Love his trademark scores.

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