Half Awake

The new puppy came to live with us yesterday. On a weekday/school night. Sara went to bed, but the as-yet-unnamed puppy wasn’t ready to call it a night, so she followed me around. Yes, I said she. We adopted a male almost a month ago, but when we went to pick him up yesterday, the good folks at the OKC Animal Welfare place couldn’t find the dog with the corresponding ID number at first. Then they brought us a dog with the right number but the wrong set of genitals. I was going to make a crack about them taking the neutering a little too far, but I just wanted to leave and Sara was happy enough with the female. Anyhoo, so the little doggie stayed with me after Sara went to bed. She stayed in the bedroom with me and Kim all night, too. She cried often, but I was so damn tired I never fully woke up … I just dangled a hand over the bed and let her chew my fingers until she quit bawling.

Nothing like waking up to the smell of dogshit in the morning.

I’d have made the pup stay in Sara’s room if it wasn’t a school night, or even if she wouldn’t have kept Amanda awake with Sara. Oh well. She does seem to be a pretty sweet little girl, but there’s nothing safe from those needle-like puppy teeth. The kids all love her. And I did make Sara get up this morning and clean up the poop and pee spots. It’s her dog. hahaha

It friggin’ snowed last night. Snow during the winter? Nah, wait until spring, when the trees have bloomed. Only about an inch and it didn’t stick to the roadways, but still!

An old friend from college was hired to replace me at the chamber yesterday. Sheri’s a good writer, a nice person and very funny, as evidenced by her blog.

In writing news, I got an interesting e-mail from a small UK-based film company the other day. If anything comes of it, I’ll tell you more. The postcard confirming Leisure received my submission of The Prometheus Syndrome arrived. Edits on Ulrik continue. Oh, and I turned in stories for my last deadline with OKC Business newspaper; I won’t be able to continue writing for them when I go to work for ODOT.

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