Grab bag ‘o’ stuff

I logged on to bitch about how I want my life back. You know, a full-time job during the day and some time to write fiction in the evening/night. But I found an e-mail that means I have an actual piece of news to share.

I actually won the election to be a trustee in the Horror Writers Association. Yeah, I’m surprised. Surprised and very honored that the members who have earned active status trusted me with an officer position. I didn’t think they would because of some of the flame wars I was involved in a couple of years ago. Oops. Maybe they forgot about those. Of course, I’ve learned a thing or two since then. Anyway, I’m looking forward to this and hope I can help in some small way to make the HWA an even better organization.

I stayed up late last night working on an interview for the upcoming What’s on Board newsletter for Horror World. I’m only doing one column this time, and it’s a hell of a lot more irreverent than what I usually do. You don’t want to miss getting the poop on Dreadful Penny Press. Sign up to get the newsletter here. Oh, Nanci will also be announcing the winner to some David Morrell contest she’s been running for a while. You still have a few days to get signed up for that.

So, Shara is dead. The book debuted at Horrorfind in 2003. At this year’s con I had two copies of the 3F Publications edition left and I thought it would be fitting if they found homes at the con, so I gave them away. Cat and klava, I hope you enjoy them.

And yes, I’m still having Horrorfind withdrawal. Which probably only adds to the feeling of thinking things kinda suck right now. My part-time job is … less than satisfying. The past several days I’ve only had about 30 minutes worth of work to do in the four hours I’m there. That makes for a very, very long morning. The newspaper I freelance for is bothersome in that they send my story assignments late on Wednesday afternoons, usually, and expect me to have photo assignments turned in Friday, when the stories themselves aren’t due until the following Thursday. I have two stories this deadline, but both require I interview at least three sources, and we’re talking real estate developers and high-level bank officials, people it isn’t always easy to catch. Kim thinks I should drop the freelancing. Nope. That’s my con money. Or, it will be once I have a regular job and the freelance money is extra cash again.

Speaking of which, I played by the rules and reported my income to the unemployment office. And naturally it fucked up the system. I swear the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission is not designed to deal with the truth. I am seriously considering looking into some kind of factory work, at least until the teaching certification thing is resolved. I used to run high production CNC lathes in Enid. It was nasty work, but knocking off 300-500 couplings a night made the time go by and brought in more money than unemployment and my part-time job. Maybe I could use duct tape to fasten my master’s degree on a lathe electrical box so people can see what all that fancy education’s gotten me.

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