Good Weekend

Ahhhh. Home again. The weekend getaway was fun. The kids were all surprisingly good and I think they had fun, too. Sara got sick on Saturday, which I’m sure wasn’t fun. She spent the evening vomiting. I suspect it’s from holding the flu-infected niece of a friend of hers, which means we may all get sick over the next few days, but so far so good.

The “cabin” we rented really wasn’t. It was one side of a run-down duplex with a cement picnic table and steel barbecue grill around back. The paneling in the one bedroom and bathroom was buckling off the wall because of the damp. And the bed was the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever slept on.

Alex and I probably did more than anyone else. We went to the archery range, which was a joke. They gave us two bows and a quiver of maybe 20 arrows. Of those arrows, only one had a complete notch on it. That was also one of the few arrows with all three feathers. We did what we could, shooting at a sun-bleached Budweiser can I propped up on the sinking hay bale that was the archery range. It was Alex’s first time with a bow. Considering that and the crappy equipment, he did pretty well. The kid’s a pretty good shot with the bow and with pistols and rifles.

We also went canoeing on the smaller of the two lakes in the park. I’m sure that was quite comical. It’d been probably 15 years since I’d been in a canoe, and he never had. We had … a bit of trouble getting away from the dock, then we did really well until we tried to get back to the dock. But hey, we never tipped it over.

All of us spent quite a bit of time in the woods, especially around Big Spring, which is a really cool, very cold, spring gushing from a cave.

I didn’t get any writing done. I did some work on The Puppet King late last week that wasn’t reported here. I’ll do a word count update later. Over the weekend I was reading the manuscript one of my critique group members gave me. It’s quite good — a YA novel about fairies.

I came home to find some contracts from Scrybe Press, a smaller-than-expected check from OKC Business (musta held something over for next issue) and an e-mail from Lisa Morton offering some great feedback on the Murdered by Human Wolves script. Thanks Lisa!

And now Sara and two of her little friends are batting their eyes at me and asking me to take them to the local pool. No rest for the wicked.

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  1. Glad you had a good weekend
    Despite the duplex, it’s good to get away.
    Check out my LJ — I may be lobomized and may be starting an e-newsletter that pays.

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