Good night for writing

Let’s see … Kim has now been at work over 16 hours. The company is moving its operations from one facility to another and the employees were “recruited” to do the work. It’s after 1 a.m. now. She has to be back at 9 a.m. to do her regular pharmacy tech work. Have I mentioned that she hates her job?

As I’ve sat here waiting for her, I wrote a long, action-packed chapter of Ulrik. Here’s the latest word meter. You’ll see it’s about 4,000 words longer than the last one. I also passed the halfway point on the word count, and passed the 200-page mark tonight.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
50,571 / 100,000

Now I’ll go read some more of Greg Lamberson’s Personal Demons while I hope Kim gets to come home soon.

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