Good News

Kim was offered a job with the new merged company. And she accepted it.
One of her friends was fired, though, and most likely for things not
job related. Granted, Kim is as biased as I was when Conoco was
possessed by Phillips Petroleum, but it sure sounds like this new
company is the shits.

I finally got some news about Scrybe Press via Angeline Hawkes-Craig. The publisher sent Shara
to the printer, but there was a problem with the cover. He said it
would take him about four hours to fix it … but so far he hasn’t had
time to do it because his other business, Kayleighbug Books, is keeping him too busy. He then promptly paid Angie her advance for a book he’s publishing. So … there’s hope. I guess.

Talked to a lady about a job today. Seemed positive, although it is a
temporary position that would last two to three months, unless the
National Guard soldier who’s off gets extended duty in the Katrina
cleanup. Full time, though, working with people I know. Not as much
money as I was making prior to this past June, but more than I’m making
with my part-time and freelance work and unemployment now. Maybe it
would tide me over until I finish the requirements for a teaching job.
Still no word on the hospital job I interviewed for last week.

Library Journal offered up a review of Corpse Blossoms that mentions me. They said: In Ward Cary Parker’s “White Shrouds of Memory,” bodies falling from
the sky expose the hidden secrets of a small neighborhood, while in
Ramsey Campbell’s “Skeleton Woods,” two brothers make an eerie
discovery about the woods near their home. This collection of 24
original stories by leading horror authors include stories by Bentley
Little, Steve Wedel, and Steve Rasnic Tem, among others. This first
publication by a new publishing company belongs in large libraries,
particularly where there is a demand for eerily horrific short fiction
. I could do a lot worse than being sandwiched between Little and Tem, I tell ya whut.

Don’t forget about the book signing tomorrow with Craig Wolf at Books-A-Million on Memoiral Road in OKC.

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