Good news, bad news

Bad news — sick again. Jacob, Amanda and Kim, too. Just colds this time. Damn. How can we keep getting sick with different things?

Got my diploma from the University of Oklahoma today. It’s hanging on the wall right now, high above the BA from that other university.

Also got the page proofs for Call to the Hunt today. Hmm. They should be coming off the printer now, but they’re not. There. Now we’re in business.

I also got another piece of sweet, sweet news today, but I promised not to tell until an official announcement is made. It’s good, though. Really, really good.

We watched The Incredibles this afternoon. It was okay. Seemed kinda slow in parts. Tonight I’ll watch Exorcist: The Beginning. I have hope, but low expectations.

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    • Perhaps if you send me a private e-mail I’d tell you. Especially if photos are attached. hehe It’s not HUGE news. The placing of a short story in a certain anthology.

    • The Incredibles was better on a second viewing. There’s a lot there that’s over the heads of children … and too much that is too real, like the middle age thing, the fighting kids and parental reactions, etc. It is a good flick and one we’ll have to buy. (Amanda, the 4-year-old girl, liked it, but is still mad I didn’t rent Garfield for her again.)
      Maybe it was the cold medicine, but I liked Exorcist: The Beginning. It seemed they tried a little too hard to capture the mood of the original, thus making some things predictable and annoying, but overall I liked it better than most of the teens-in-jeopardy horror flicks.

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