Good news, bad news

At this very moment, Call to the Hunt is at No. 48 on‘s best-seller list for Dark Fantasy. Yeah, it’s a specialized list, but it’s still a good feeling, and the best piece of news I’ve had in quite a while. The sales rank at Amazon is currently the highest I’ve ever had, too.

Bad news? Kim found out yesterday the company she works for part time has been bought by another company that already has OKC operations. So, everyone at her job is now worried they’ll be fired. I’m unemployed — and beginning to look unemployable — and she may soon join me, though without severance or unemployment since she’s a part-time employee. However, she could go to one of the CVS or Wal-Green stores that are on every corner and get another pharmacy tech job.

Oh, today is Kim’s birthday, too. She’s a year younger than I am, if you care to try to guess her age. I won’t confirm anything, other than to say she looks younger than she is.

I’ve had some strange dreams the past couple of nights. One spawned a line that likely will end up in a book I’ve written the first chapter for several times over the past dozen years. The line needs to be tweaked, but it’ll be something like: I always knew unfulfilled love would hurt, but I never knew it could drive a guy to murder. Something like that. That book, if it ever does get written, won’t have anything supernatural in it. And it’ll be partly autobiographical. Yeah, think on that. hehe

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  1. Congrats on the Amazon Rank!
    Wish Kim a happy B-day for me. Also if she’s employable, it’s really no worries, is it?
    Been there done that. That’s why I do the writing gig full time. It was rocky at first, but we really did manage. If you need some pointers, just holler. I got through it.

  2. Happy Birthday to Kim. You’re always telling us the about the great gifts Kim gets you. Well, did you get her something great?
    Congrats on the Amazon ranking. That’s what I like to hear.
    I love that line! Gave me the chills. Kim must have really put you through the ringer when you were dating. *evil laugh*

    • Well, between me and the kids, Kim scored a new gold bracelet, a bottle of perfume, some new shorts and a CD that hasn’t arrived yet.
      Ummm. Yeah. It was Kim who inspired that line. Sure it was. She did put me through hell … damn female mind games. 😉

      • Wow! I’d say between you and the kids Kim made out very well. LOL Beautiful gifts. It’s good to see you’re not the “she could use a new fry pan” kinda guy.
        Female mind games? Nah, women don’t do that. He,he,he.

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