Good-bye, Barney

We’d already lost Gilligan and The Skipper. Now, Deputy Bernard P. Fife has left us, too. One by one, my childhood icons are checking out. Too soon, I suppose Andy Griffith, Barbara Eden, Dawn Wells and Jim Nabors will leave us. Sucks. Don Knotts has always been a part of my life because of reruns of “The Andy Griffith Show.” The highlight of staying home from school in grade school was getting to watch that show and “Gomer Pyle, USMC” in the afternoon. Not to mention The Reluctant Astronaut, The Apple Dumpling Gang and, of course, The Ghost and Mr. Chicken. Yeah, he was Mr. Furley, too, during the jumped-the-shark years of “Three’s Company.” The world will be a sadder place without Don Knotts.

In other news, the puppy battle has been lost. We just got home from the pound, where we adopted a shepherd mix puppy. He’ll be neutered this week, then we can pick him up. I hate going there because I have to leave knowing that a lot of those dogs are going to be put down. There was an adult female shepherd I’d love to have brought home, but she was big enough that she could have gotten over our fence too easily.

ConDFW was fun yesteray. It was good to see everybody. I missed F. Paul Wilson’s reading, which I would have liked to hear, but I got to talk to him a little bit later on and he signed a copy of The Tomb for me. John Steakley was … John Steakley. I finally picked up a copy of his Vampire$ and got him to sign it.

Chris Fulbright had copies of the convention sampler I contributed a story to. High Ferocity is a collection of reprints from me, Charlee Jacob, Chris, Angeline Hawkes-Craig, C. Dennis Moore, Steven L. Shrewsbury and C. Dean Andersson. You can buy a copy here. Remember, it’s a collection of reprints meant for promotional purposes, so don’t tell me about the evils of My story is “Warren Pepper’s Victory Choir,” which you can also get in the new Darkscapes pretty soon.

Sunday or not, I have a newsletter to write for Write Communications. No rest for the wicked …

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  1. That’s very sad about Don Knotts. I remembered him first from Three’s Company, but also from movies like Private Eyes, which was a riot. Sigh… Wow, so sad…
    So you’ve got another four legged kid to take care of, eh? LOL! Good luck with that.
    Sounds like the con was a hit! Got any pictures at all?

  2. Rumored to have happened at ConDFW…
    Me & Steven Wedel were hanging out at ConDFW this past weekend
    discussing that Judas Priest were recording a new CD, when I noticed someone running towards us with Steven having his back to the runner. It looked like a wooly-fiendish creature and I relished that I was prepared for the moment.
    I authoritatively remarked, “Stand still, we’re in danger”.
    I dug out some silver-plated brass knuckles and side-stepping Steven, landed a vicious right cross to the being, dropping it like a gold-digger finding out that your car is borrowed and you live in all bills paid apartment.
    “What the Fuck!??!”, Steven yelled at me, “Why the hell did you do that?!!?”
    “Dude, that Werewolf was coming right for us…”
    “That’s no shape shifter, its Terrence…”
    Steven went on to explain that Terrence had extreme hypertrichosis, which is a condition where one has excessive, all over body hair growth but luckily for me, he was also was blessed with strong face bones as this has happened more than once due to him being a drunken mess at Cons with this moment being no exception.
    “So what do we do?” I asked Steve.
    “He’ll never remember and no one else saw. Let’s get him onto that couch over there and next time, leave fighting the supernatural to me.”
    We quickly got Terrence situated on the couch when Steven turned to me and asked that if besides having my digital camera, could I go to the merchant booths and buy some Manic Panic pink hair dye.
    “I’ve got an idea”, said Steven with an evil smile.

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