Going soft to get hard

The past few days I’ve found a new piece of spam in my e-mail. There are the usual offers of dirt cheap software, pleas from Nigerian widows, hot naked teens and hair growth and weight loss treatments, but now there’s one for Soft Tab Viagra. For some reason, the idea of a drug to make you hard coming in a soft form strikes me as very funny. Having never used Viagra, I wondered: Were the capsules too hard to swallow? Were men getting so excited at the prospect of actually getting laid that they were choking on the hard capsule in their haste to swallow it?

Rather than open a spam e-mail, I looked it up and found all I needed to know at AskMen.com. (The answer is that it’s absorbed into the bloodstream faster, making the wait between swallowing and humping shorter.)

It was a busy weekend for me. Unfortunately, none of that resulted in work on Ulrik. Saturday was Alex’s 14th birthday, so we had family over. Hard to believe it’s been 14 years since my first kid was born. Makes me feel ancient. Sunday I finished the application process for a teaching job. The application process was pretty time consuming. I even had to write an essay. Then I had some contract writing to work on. Then Kim and I watched The Exorcism of Emily Rose. I loved it and highly recommend it. My Monday essay will compare and contrast that film with some other devil movie you may have heard of. I’ll post that later today.

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  1. Going soft to get hard
    Viagra is a small blue TABLET. And the movie was better than I expected, but lost it’s scary edge when having to watch long boring court scenes between action.

    • Re: Going soft to get hard
      If I didn’t know where you work I’d wonder why my wife knows so much about a sex enhancement drug I don’t use. 😉

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