Going into the weekend …

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
89,906 / 100,000

That’s where Ulrik stands right now. The end is near. With luck, I’ll be finished with the first draft by this time next weekend. I’ve come up with a third alternative ending, and I think it’s the best one. It’s a compromise between the first two that, hopefully, will have people cussing me severely when they read it.

This week ending now was pretty brutal in terms of deadlines and writing. I finished up a story for MetroFamily Magazine, but was only able to do one of two stories due for OKC Business. The one I didn’t get done should have been an incredibly easy one-source story, but the company kept putting me off, then went a hired a PR firm. It smells fishy and sucked up a lot of my time as I called and waited for calls, then the damn PR guy (who I’ve dealt with in the past and don’t much like, anyway) called my editor to say the company isn’t ready to talk instead of calling me.

Unemployment is all used up. Look Ma, no safety net! A long-time friend recommended me for a writing job yesterday that would likely be very interesting. The timing would be right. The two previous times I was on unemployment I didn’t get any offers until the unemployment was used up. So … here we are. No word back from the literacy people, by the way. I’ll give them a call Monday, I guess.

Okay, I gotta book to finish.

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