Gloom, despair and agony on me

Yes, I used to watch “Hee-Haw.”

Today was a bad day. Probably shouldn’t have been. I got an assignment
from a monthly magazine I’ve never written for before. A trade
publication showed great interest in multiple articles. And yet, all
was overshadowed by the fact I found out OCU is screwing me out of 22
hours of vacation time. See, I had 150 hours banked. About 22 of those
had to be used before August 31, and I had them scheduled. But, you
know, I got fired before I could take them. Fired employees cannot
receive more than their yearly accrual of vacation, which for me is 128

Then I found a job listing on HotJobs. It was for one of OCU’s
assistant director jobs that should have been mine. So, I wasn’t even
replaced so the bitch Vicki Patterson could bring in a friend. She just
didn’t want me. Anyone but me, I guess.

Robert’s memorial service is tomorrow evening. So far I haven’t found a
sitter for the kids. I know Art Cotton will be there. I know he’ll try
to pretend we’re still friends despite him firing me. We’ll be in a
church. I hope I remember to keep my voice low.

I still can’t believe
Robert’s really gone. I feel bad I didn’t go see him that last week or
two. I meant to, but then Kim started working 9- and 11-hour days and I
was home with the kids. And then … he was gone. He was a good boss. A
good man. But he suffered for a long time. When I first saw him after
he got sick, back in January, I never would have believed he’d last six
months and actually be home and walking around for part of that time.
We had a lot of good conversations in my office. We disagreed on
politics, but agreed on the inane bullshit that goes with dealing with
people who have more dollars than sense.

To change the subject … Nikki, aka , has posted my short story “Summer Offspring” on the Horrorfind fiction site. This is a promo Horrorfind is offering to guest authors
this year. I really like this story. It was written shortly after I
gave up my low salary and the disrespect I got as a reporter, columnist
and bureau chief at The Oklahoman newspaper to write for Conoco. The
story is written as a series of newspaper articles.

I learned today there was a review of Murdered by Human Wolves in The Horror Fiction Review #9. Good or bad, I dunno, but a copy is coming my way.

Also, sometime soon, Maximum Metal, the
online magazine for heavy metal news, will post the fourth installment
of its One Question column. They asked me to participate. I was asked
to name up to 10 songs I would play for someone who’s never heard of
heavy metal, or something like that. The column will be posted here when it’s ready.

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