Fun at Panda*Monium

So, I finally attended my first sci-fi convention this past weekend. Now, I’ve been to HorrorFind twice now, in Baltimore in 2003 and in Phoenix this past October (wait, I didn’t blog on that, did I? I’m soooo far behind!) and I’ve been to OWFI conventions and other general writers’ cons, but had avoided those that called themselves SF cons. Because, ya know, I just didn’t know if people who like Asimov and dress as Klingons would care about werewolves and other horror stuff.

Well, I shoulda known better. Panda*Monium was a blast. Especially the last day. I was an invited guest, so I got in for free and got to sit on several panels. The fans were great and asked some really good questions (attendance was 239). Some old friends were there, like Brian Hopkins, Mel Odom and Brad Sinor. I finally met Craig Wolf in person and he’s a really nice guy (and a damn good writer; check out his collection Pressure Points). I met Selina Rosen of Yard Dog Press again, which is always an experience to remember. Wow. Talk about brimming with personality! Met a lot of her Yard Dog Players and was very envious. Those people are like family and have so much fun. I’m currently working feverishly on a Bubba story to submit to YDP’s new Bubba anthology in hopes I can join the family. And I met David Lee Anderson, the fantastic artist. I gotta get a publisher to pay him to create a book cover for me someday.

I was also asked to be a guest at FenCon in Dallas next year and asked if I’d be interested in presenting a session on horror writing at the 2005 OWFI convention. Unrelated, but I got an e-mail Saturday asking me to submit proposals to be a presenter at the Red Dirt Book Festival next year, too. If all pans out, I could be one busy puppy.

Anyway, the con was great and I look forward to going to lots more SF conventions. I just hope the Hobbit who didn’t wash his hands after taking a dump doesn’t attend all the conventions. I couldn’t touch any unwrapped food after seeing him walk out of the restroom after stinking it up. Whew.

Speaking of HorrorFind in Phoenix … well … there were fun moments, but overall it was rather poorly attended. My reading and the one after me (Joe Nassise) had zero attendance — me and Joe were about half the audience for the third reading. The big signing at the end of the weekend was cancelled for lack of interest. But, I got to talk to great people like Judi O’Dea, Adrienne Barbeau, Doug Bradley and the very hot Ashley Lawrence. Seriously, she looked even better than she did in the first Hellraiser movies.

Okay, that’s all. I know I’m way behind on Steven Says. I have some ideas, but not the time. Hopefully soon, though.

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