Friday evening already?

Where did this week go? Eh, nevermind. I know where some of it went. The past two days, though, seem to have flown by. I just have a few odds and ends to make note of here.

First, all the books have been mailed to winners of my drawings and contest. The post office is not a good place to be this time of year.

But it’s bettern than Sprawl-Mart. I pulled into a parking space at that place yesterday and thought I’d rather be tied up and whipped than go into that store. Turns out that being skinned alive with a rusty spoon would have been better. But most of my Christmas shopping is done now. Most of it.

I learned that I am tentatively scheduled to appear before the alternative teaching certification review panel on Jan. 5. I should get a notification next week telling me that date has been confirmed. After that, I could get a job teaching junior high or high school journalism. As if there were such jobs! But it also means I can test to teach English. I thought I might test to teach American history, too. It was one of my favorite subjects in school, and the more areas I have certification in, the more likely I am to get a job.

Knocked off another chapter of Ulrik the other night. It was a short one, so I won’t do a word meter yet. I think my big contract job is about wrapped up, so I can return more of my attention to the book.

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