Freelance writing

Whew. Just turned in my last story for this deadline at OKC Business. It was a monster piece, the longest I’ve written for them. I really enjoy being able to do some real journalism, but the time involved really sucks up my fiction writing time. But, hey, the paper pays and so far I haven’t earned much from fiction.

Anyway, now I can focus on getting another chapter or two of The Prometheus Syndrome edited/rewritten to give to my critique group tomorrow. No more newspaper stories assigned until Friday but, with some of the other writers taking off, I’ll be carrying an extra load at the paper until after the holidays. More money for me!

I’ll be back later with another rant that blasts the HWA and a certain Jew therein. Am I an anti-Semite? Stay tuned to see. (Okay, the answer is no, but stay tuned anyway.)

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