Free sneak preview of CttH

Paul over to the Horror Fiction News Network has posted my short story “Elysia” as a preview of Call to the Hunt. This is the only tale in the collection written in first person. It was inspired by a dream I had in 1996 as I was writing the first draft of Shara. The whole tone is a bit different than most of the book, but hopefully you’ll like it.

A couple years after I wrote this story I was in college, taking a basic creative writing class from a professor who’s claim to his position was two publications in no-pay literary journals. I turned in this story for an assignment and he ripped it to shreds, saying it sounded like the narrator (Ulrik) was too full of himself and too in love with his own language. He predicted the story would never go anywhere as it was. I let him go, then informed him I’d just placed it with a genre magazine. This was the same guy who told the class every story should have sex and shit on the first page, preferably in the first paragraph. Perhaps not surprisingly, he is yet another shining example of UCO professors who like to diddle their students.

Gee, that was a tangent down Bad Memory Lane.

Don’t forget there’s another CttH sample — an excerpt from one of the brand-new stories — at

Call to the Hunt is still supposed to be ready by the end of the month. I’ll hopefully have about 20 copies to take to the OWFI conference April 29-30. Shocklines‘ Matt Schwartz said he also plans to place a big order and he wants me to sign the copies. Hopefully a pre-order page will go up soon.

I’m paying for the zoo walk today. Every time I get out of this chair my legs scream at me, “Are you nuts, buddy? Sit back down!”

So much to do. So little motivation.

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