First Monday minus work

We regret to inform you that your
employment with Oklahoma City University is being terminated … blah,
blah, blah … paid leave through July 31, 2005 … blah, blah, blah
… paid for unused vacation leave … blah, blah, blah.

Bite the weener. They sent me a letter today to remind me I’ve been
canned. Gee, I wonder why I didn’t get an exit interview. Could it be
because Liz Hedrick, director of HR, knows she’s an unethical shit and
I’d tell her so? And to think I went along with a plot to give her the
employee of the month award not long ago despite her not meeting the
criteria for the award. OCU has one of the worst employee benefit plans
I’ve ever paid for and yet her name was ramrodded through the committee
as if getting us the plans was some big accomplishment.

Got some e-mail from OCU people who are just realizing I’m not there.
Got another e-mail from somebody who knows Vicki and is stunned she’d
fire me. Oh well. Whatever. Don’t look for OCU in the news. It won’t be
there. Another friend is urging me to look into filing a wrongful
termination suit.

Today was pretty much a bust. No writing was done. I had to go to
Sprawl-Mart for some stuff and just got back when the electronics guy
called the new Cingular cell phone I got there yesterday. Turns out
they’d given me a phone somebody returned and they needed it back.
Hell, I’d already figured that out and deleted over 30 stored numbers.
But, off I went again, got a new phone, they gave me a free ringtone
for my trouble and I had to re-enter all my numbers.

During the first trip today I got the kids what used to be called a
Slip’n’Slide in my day. It’s fancier and has a different name now …
but still has the same issues, I guess. Namely, nice slippery puddles
of water interspersed with dry patches that tear at your flesh. And, of
course, the issue of taking turns. Oh yeah. I helped the little ones on
it for a while, came inside, and eventually had to tell the others to
shut off the water when the crying and screaming started.

Got two responses to a whole heap o’ job queries I sent over the
weekend. One is another paper that may use me for freelancing. It’s
more of a magazine … doesn’t use AP style. The other is an adjunct
teaching gig. Part-time, but teaching is what I really want to do, so
if it’s offered I’ll take it.

The kids are fed and occupied. Wifey is at work — poor
time-clock-punching sap — and I’m going to try to get in some
romantical revisions on Bold Bounty.

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  1. I think the wrongful termination suit fits the bill. That’s what I fudged over in asking about the other employees who were terminated.
    Like I said, busier than ever, with nothing accomplished. LOL

    • Nope.
      Not sure it would have helped. I’m very wary of unions after the one and only time I was in one. The company screwed me on a promotion, so I went to the union and found out I’d been paying them to screw me, too. I’ve heard since that that particular union was weak, so … I dunno.

  2. If you wipe the slip n slide down with a little bit of oil before play time it gets ride of those nasty dry spots. (This also make it much more entertaining to watch heh)

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