First day at work

Not much to say, really. I went to work this morning. Kinda felt strange getting up and going to a job again after more than two months. The ladies I work with all seem really nice. Yes, all my co-workers are female. So far nobody’s asked me to move furniture or anything manly like that.

PageMaker has changed quite a bit from what I used to use. Or maybe it’s just that the chamber uses a PC version and the one I used to use was for Mac. I’m hoping I can tinker with the program quite a bit more before I have to really use it for something. Today I just wrote letters.

I had a very disturbing e-mail from a friend and former co-worker last night. I’m still mulling over the contents. Basically, she was telling me about her horrible experience with the Oklahoma education system after she earned her alternative certification. Has anybody else out there gone through the process? In Oklahoma or any other state? She said administrators with teaching degrees often don’t trust people with alternative certification. She added that you’ve got to be willing and able to coach or sponsor an extracurricular activity to actually get a job. Like I said, it was disturbing to hear, but I’d already paid for a lot of the stuff and the deadline to register for the tests is Friday, so I went ahead and paid for those and got registered.

A naked boy has escaped my bathtub. I must chase him back to the water and apply soap.

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