The first draft of my first screenplay is finished. Yup. I finished adapting Murdered by Human Wolves earlier this evening. It came in at just over 92 minutes and includes a few new scenes that really should have been in the book. Now to give it a reading, then send it off to the pro who offered to look at it for me.

Good feeling.

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  1. Congratulations! Nice to see someone accomplishing something. I’m stuck with about a million projects open at once and now it seems I can’t get any of them done.

  2. Bravo
    Way to go – and Murdered By Human Wolves will make a great movie. Can’t wait to see it on the screen.
    You should be very proud of your recent productivity!

    • Re: Bravo
      Umm. Yeah. I’ll be more proud if I don’t wind up in the bread line at the Catholic church around the corner at the end of next month. But thanks! And I hope you’re right about it being a great movie.

    • hahaha Yeah, I know that’d get your attention. Just a few new scenes, most of which are really, really short. But there’s one at the end that really sets the stage for who Thomas becomes in Ulrik. I wish it was in the book.

      • You like to dangle juicy tidbits, don’t you?
        You’re evil. You’re making me sweat. Aaagghhh!
        I keep reading the line “But there’s one at the end…”
        I have to walk away from the computer. What were you saying about mind games in your other post,…hmmmm?

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