The Prometheus Syndrome is
finished! Edits made and the second copy for my agent (he requires two
hardcopies) is spooling out of the printer right now. Woohoo!

Call to the Hunt went to the
printer today. Not sure what the chances are of actually having copies
in my hand for the OWFI conference later this month, but I’m still
hopeful. Nathan gave instructions for the printer to ship me 20
immediately, so we’ll see.

By some incredible fluke I just won a signed limited edition of Charles L. Grant’s The Soft Whisper of the Dead
on eBay. For less than 10 bucks. I just bought one of the rather rare
unsigned copies of this a month or so ago, but when I saw this one —
No. 17 of 200 — on eBay at a low price, I had to bid. I can’t believe
I won it. If you haven’t read anything by Charlie, you are depriving
yourself and you should run full tilt to your used bookstore and buy
everything they have of his.

This printer has to finish soon. Lantz wants manuscripts in 12 point
Courier font. I work in 12 point Times New Roman. When I converted the
manuscript to Courier it added over 100 pages. Courier seems to print
lighter, too. I don’t like it at all, but whatever. I’ve been in this
chair for hours and hours. The sun is gone and it’s dark here now.
Another 25 or so pages and I’m free.

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