Ya see that? I finally, finally broke the 50,000 word barrier on The Girls Nobody Wanted to Date this morning. I’m on page 207, chapter 21, heading into the climactic battle between Ashlie and her ex-friends Jenn and Anna. The final 9,000 words can’t be that hard, right?

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  1. transformation
    Congratulations on breaking the 50K mark. You Rock!
    Yesterday I noticed that your picture was a cute little dog – something I could easily imagine being my pet.
    Now today, it’s back to the wolf with the full moon.
    I know what happened. You turned that sweet little hound into a wolf. I had no idea your powers were that strong…

    • Re: transformation
      Actually, Bubba informed me that I did not have permission to use his likeness to “advertise my filth” and demanded I remove his picture and pay reparations in the form of hamburger.

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