Feel my disease

Back at work today. But last night Alex began coughing and complaining about his throat being full of snot. He woke up this morning with a sore throat, so it looks like I’ve given him strep. Sara finally got over her stomach issues but stayed home to eat and recover. Kim was complaining about not feeling well this morning. I wonder how long we can pass sicknesses around the house.

My intern has abandoned me to get a jump start on spring break. Lucky brat. I’m not sure I can function without her any more. I may actually have to do my job now.

If memory serves, I posted about Karen Hughes coming to campus and how the mass communications department here, namely an old reporter friend who is now a faculty member and campus newspaper adviser, wrote the media plan for the event. And that the plan sucked. I fought it for a while, but my VP told me to just go with it. Okay. I found a really major flaw in the plan the other day. Now I have to decide if I should mention it or not. The temptation is to do nothing but sit back and laugh when the only real point of interest for the media falls through. We’ll see.

I sent my application materials to a local community college for a full-time teaching position in the English department. Then I learned that he who hacked my UCO e-mail and got me suspended is still working there. I thought he’d moved on or died or something. I’m not sure I could work at the same place as him unless there’s a lot of distance between us.

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  1. 1) Time for Lysol, spray everything in the house! LOL
    2) If you found a flaw in the plan, mention it now. Don’t give in to temptation. You’ll feel better about in the end. Then you can laugh.
    3) If this application is approved, would you really let some slime ball stop you from taking it? Is he worth that?

    • This is the guy who hacked my campus e-mail and sent death threats to the campus newspaper editor and chairprick of the journalism department the day after the Columbine shootings. He’s also the one who put my private unlisted telephone number on a phone-in database for gay men, advising they call after midnight. Some of those callers just started in talking about what they like to do as soon as I picked up the phone. My kids could have picked up the phone and heard that shit.
      The issue, really, is whether or not a) I would feel safe working in the same place as this guy when he could possibly access my personal information again, and b) would seeing him again awaken the hate I’ve lived with for six years now?
      To hack my college e-mail account he had to have my Social Security number and birthdate. He’s the lowest of the low, but apparently the people love him at the community college. I suppose I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

      • Steve, I had NO IDEA just how deep and how serious the crime against you was. I’m sorry. I had a vague idea of the events, but, never, ever, dreamt it went that far! I’d be extremely concerned as well, about being ANYWHERE in this person’s vicinity.

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