Father’s Day

“It’s Father’s Day, Bedelia. Where’s my cake!”

I do love Creepshow.

And yes, I realize Father’s Day has been over for about 24 minutes now. So what? I scored a copy of Joseph Campbell’s The Transformation of Myth through Time and Claude Lecouteux’s Witches, Werewolves and Fairies: Shapeshifters and Astral Doubles in the Middle Ages. I’m looking forward to both.

I have a bit of writing news. First off, I think I may have mentioned this, but it’s now official. Scrybe Press will re-issue Murdered by Human Wolves with a new full-color cover by Kirk Alberts. I’m very excited. Have I mentioned how much I love the other covers Kirk has done for my books? Maybe? Okay. Likely the new version also will be a small trade paperback instead of the saddle-stapled chapbook so it’ll be easier for stores and libraries to order it. That will mean a little bit of a price increase, but Nathan assures me it won’t be a lot … probably still under $8.

The other news … I can’t really say much. A noted author I won’t name just yet has offered to read the manuscript of Amara’s Prayer and offer a blurb to help attract a publisher.

No job news yet. There wasn’t much in the paper today, either. I’m beginning to feel a twinge of nervousness.

I need to rework my synopsis of BB. I may put that off to later in the week. I plan to start work on The Puppet King tomorrow. I did some research and I need at least 80,000 words, though some fantasy publishers actually want a minimum of 100,000 words. The 80k is no problem, I’m sure, but no way I’ll hit 100k on this book. The current version is just a little over 63,000. It’s going to be much darker when I’m finished with it this time around. It’s going to be fun. Wizards, zombies, politics, executions and battles. Oh my!

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  1. Great gifts.
    Wow, a re-issue of MbHW with the cover art by Kirk! Wow! I love to have something to look forward to. *big smile*
    Great news about Amara’s Prayer. I can’t wait to hear all the details. Who could the author be? What a tease you are!
    No twinging allowed, it’ll all come together.

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