Eyeball to eyeball with 2006

I doubt I update tomorrow, so let’s get this over with today, shall we? Here are the resolutions I made on Dec. 31, 2004:

1) Be a better father and husband.

2) Finish rewriting The Prometheus Syndrome, bring Bold Bounty (yes, it is a historical romance) up to the needed wordcount, and finish the first draft of Ulrik.

3) Ride that accursed exercise bike more regularly and lay off the chocolate just a bit.

Hmm. That first one … hard to say. I’ve certainly been home more, but I seldom feel like I’m being the best husband or father I can be. In the corporate world, I’d have never gotten away with such a hard-to-quantify resolution. I suppose Kim and the kids would have to rate me on that one.

Number 2 is easier to answer. The Prometheus Syndrome is finished and being looked at by a publisher. Bold Bounty is done. As you may recall, I decided not to mention that one here any more. But you can ask Kimber Haig about it. I did not finish the first draft of Ulrik, although I am more than halfway there. I would have made it, I think, but I took on some other projects, such as the screenplay adaptation of Murdered by Human Wolves and reselling Darkscapes.

The third one … it’s an on again, off again love/hate relationship that needs to be worked on. In other words, I’m no better off now than I was at this point last year.

So, what’s the plan for 2006? It doesn’t look much different.

1) Be a better father and husband. Try to be more patient with the children. I don’t understand why they want to graze constantly and live in filth, but I will try not to get so frustrated with them over it. And I will remind Kim more often that I know I’m lucky to have her.

2) Finish writing Ulrik, then incorporate the suggestions Gayleen and Paul are offering, then give the manuscript to Kim for her review, fix whatever she finds and submit the book to Scrybe Press. Rewrite The Fetch, submit it to publishers, and begin work on the Bigfoot novel I’ve been thinking about.

3) Ride that accursed exercise bike more regularly and lay off the chocolate just a bit.

Maybe one more.

4) Find a freakin full-time job!

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  1. # 4 , you can always come over here and learn/practice multi combat MA styles , great work out btw
    and I was wondering , what happens if a werewolf bites a wolf ? It was a debate today between me and Kev , and why no werecoyote ? much more prevalent in a urban culture

    • I actually miss my old karate sessions (Genbu-Kai). I’m sad to say I don’t think I remember all the moves of one single kata and would certainly get my butt kicked in sparring with anybody. Ah, the last session before New Year’s Eve the Sensei would make us do 100 reps of everything we’d covered at our level. Man, that was BRUTAL!
      In the mythology I created for The Werewolf Saga, the bite of a werewolf is fatal to normal animals. They immediately begin trying to transform into the “higher level” human animal, but since they were never human, it kills them.
      The only other were-animal I’ve brought into my mythology is a bear. The Norse tribe that was the origin for my shapeshifters all became wolves or bears. I’ve thought about introducing other were-animals, such as leopards and coyotes, but have been concerned it would look like I was just trying to create a menagerie. Plus, and this likely seems silly considering we’re talking about shapeshifting in the first place, but I have a hard time accepting the logic of a full-grown human becoming something as small as a coyote.
      There is a small nod to Indian legend in that the Sioux living near Ulrik say he was once a wolf but the coyote tricked him into becoming a man and now he can only regain his wolf shape when the moon is full.

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