Employed again

My decision to leave ODOT and spend a semester working as a substitute teacher in Moore and Oklahoma City seems to have paid off. This morning I was offered a job teaching English at Western Heights High School, the high school of a small district within OKC. This is a new position at the school; no one left at the semester to create the opening. The district is growing quickly and the superintendent decided they needed more teachers. I’m pretty excited about it, and very relieved that I’ll have a bigger paycheck again, plus benefits. From everything I’ve heard, Western Heights is a good district. The principal and committee that interviewed me all seemed nice, with good senses of humor. I think it’s going to be good.

That said, I am a little sad about leaving the Moore schools. I’ll miss a lot of those kids. I can think of several at two of the junior highs, some at Moore High and a whole bunch at Westmoore that I’ll miss seeing. I’m in the middle of a five-day assignment at Westmoore now. I had to tell the secretary I’d accepted the job and couldn’t do the long-term sub jobs we’d planned. She told me teachers there were actually requesting I cover their classes. The Spanish teacher I subbed for in November gave me a hug and a thank-you card today and told me the kids still talk about me a lot. It’s been a lot of fun.

But, new kids and challenges await. I’ll get to make my own lesson plans instead of following someone else’s. I’ll get to learn everyone’s name and stick with them to make sure they pass the class. I look forward to it. I start on Jan. 5. Next week I’ll go in and pick up some books and start creating the lesson plans.

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