Dreams of Aggression

Today’s subject line has no meaning, other than I like the title. Writing it will help me remember it.

Barnes and Noble online is carrying Call to the Hunt now, though they say they don’t currently have it in stock. They also list Shara as a title they no longer have in stock, which is good.

Not surprisingly, I have not yet received the official notification from 3F Publications telling me that Shara
is out of stock and giving me a final (and first) statement of how many
copies were printed/sold. It’s been out of print since March 31.

Spent most of the weekend doing what I’m worst at … handyman stuff.
Still trying to assemble our 10’x14′ metal shed. Lord I hate building
things. I really suck at it. I wish I didn’t. I’d love to be able to
build things, but I really do suck at it. The shed’s moving along,
though. There are some problems getting all the pre-drilled holes lined
up without the metal buckling, but I think it’ll all work out. One way
or another. Didn’t help that all the kids were out there for a while
and the little ones kept messing in my parts and stampeding in and out
now that I have the floor down.

I told Alex he needs to make sure he chooses a career where he’ll be
rich enough he can just hire someone to do that kind of stuff for him.
Got a typice smartass teenager answer: “I’m gonna be a rock star.” Yeah. You gotta take my hand-me-down electric guitar outta the case for that.

Did I post after Friday’s meeting with the new boss? I don’t think so.
After lunch she had a 2 1/2 hour meeting with the department currently
known as univeristy relations. She learned much more than we did. How
will the new department be structured? She didn’t know, or wouldn’t
say. She’s a talker, and warned us that she is not low-key. Great.
Dandy. The last thing I need is a bubbly boss to go with a VP who only
sees the big picture and not the details. I am so burned out.

I was reminded late Friday that I need to check my vacation. OCU’s
policy is to roll over any unused vacation to sick leave the first of
the month after your anniversary date. That’s June 22 for me, the same
day as my wedding anniversary. I suspect I have some I need to use.

Work on Shara progressed a
little yesterday. We went to Enid late in the day for a housewarming
party at Kim’s sister’s. Kim drove and I worked on the laptop. Kim’s
sister is living with a guy who’s about three years younger than her.
They bought a house together. Didn’t seem like the smartest thing to
do, but whatever. The house is on Enid’s east side, in the same
elementary school district I used to attend, which means English is, at
best, a second language for most of the current residents of the area.
The house cost them something like $12,000. Yeah, that’s right. I
expected a dump, but it’s actually a very nice three-bedroom house with
a really big master bedroom on the second floor. Had the house been on
the west side of town it would have gone for at least $65,000. Property
value in Oklahoma, especially in Enid, isn’t that high, for those of
you reading this from the East Coast. But an Oklahoma income isn’t the
same, either.

Okay, gonna go work on Shara on the laptop in bed for a while.

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