Diapers and DVDs

My youngest son will turn four on tax day. He can take a DVD off the shelf, load it into the DVD player and make it work. But he refuses to use the toilet.

He’s the most stubborn of my four urchins … and has the shortest temper.

Or maybe I’m just too old for this.

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  1. The house I live in now was previously lived in by my sister-in-law and her five children. One of the first things I had to do after moving in was go throughout the lawn and find all the little piles her youngest son left behind.
    He also doesn’t like to use the toilet.

    • Ya know, at this point I’d be thrilled if Jake would drop his load in the grass. At least it would show some initiative and that he knows he needs to do it somewhere other than his diaper.
      Then we could move and let somebody else clean it up! haha

  2. Now I don’t feel so bad! My youngest turned 3 in September, and he has absolutely NO interest in using the potty. The pediatrician said it’s not unusual for really bright kids to have no interest in toilet training. Their brains are too busy to worry about poop in their pants.
    Just this week, though, on the advice of my son’s daycare teacher, we bought him some underpants – let him pick them out and made a huge deal out of it. We decided to just put the underpants on him, talk to him about how he has to use the potty if he’s wearing the underpants (because he doesn’t want to turn Scooby Doo into Scooby Doo-Doo) and then if he has accidents in them, no big deal. The idea is that he will eventually (sooner rather than later, ideally) stop resisting using the potty because he won’t like how wet or poopy underpants feel – as opposed to a wet or poopy diaper, which apparently doesn’t feel as bad. So you might try that approach.
    My 9 year old, when he was 3, used to shit in the yard. The first time I caught him doing it, I asked him why he did it, and he replied, “The dog does it. Why can’t I?” LOLOL.

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