Defenders of the Faith

In The Prometheus Syndrome the mad scientist tells Josh, the main character who is a guitarist, that music can capture emotion. I’m getting a sweet reminder of just how true that is. Judas Priest’s latest release has had me jonesing from some of the older stuff, so at lunch today I went and bought the remastered Defenders of the Faith CD. My cassette gave up the ghost years ago and I haven’t heard some of these songs in 15 years or so. But wow. It’s like being a senior in high school again, cranking Priest on the stereo of my 1976 Monte Carlo and telling people how Boy George and Michael Jackson suck. Favorite song? “The Sentinel.” I used to be able to play part of it on the guitar, once upon a time when I wanted to be K.K. Downing.

Here’s a public thanks to , aka Mike Purfield, for answering all my screenwriting questions and offering to field any more I might have.

I got an unexpected freelance check today, so I’ll be ordering the full version of Sophocles tonight, I hope. Because, you know, I just don’t have enough projects going. What do I have going on? I could use a list for myself. Here ’tis:

The Prometheus Syndrome — Incorporate suggestions from my writing group

Shara — Make the changes I want and get the manuscript to Scrybe Press

Bold Bounty — Add about 20,000 words, making it a paranormal historical romance (I know I said 15,000 earlier, but I was wrong)

Murdered by Human Wolves — Keep working on the screenplay, and there’s a long way to go

Ulrik — Write some new Werewolf Saga books

Speaking of the Saga, I made some changes to the Web site. It’s about ready to be called a live site. The URL is active now at

It’s about time for me to pack it up and go home.

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  1. I have a stack of ‘current’ projects as well. It’s good to have things to work on but I can’t seem to finish anything.
    Good luck.

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