Day job rant

Work has become ridiculous. We still don’t know what the reorganization will look like. And so everything’s become political. There’s a certain person on campus who is trying to make me look bad and, unfortunately, I’m having to deal with her a lot right now. So every freakin’ e-mail has become a cloaked political ploy where we try to show the CC’d people why I’m more valuable than her and vice versa. Dammit. I wish the VP would just tell us how it’s going to be and let the shit fall where it falls.

Tomorrow is the big centennial photo where I’ve been charged with the task of herding all students, staff, faculty and trustees into chalk lines to spell out OCU 100. Because of expected rain tonight, I had to move the chalking of the lawn to tomorrow morning. Hopefully it’ll be done before the 12:45 p.m. photo shoot. “Hey! Herman! You might have given the university about $25 million, but I need you to get your ass inside that chalk line.” Yeah, that’ll happen about half-a-minute before I’m told to pick up my last paycheck.

I’m just really down on the job at the moment because of the pending changes and the uncertainty surrounding them. I’ve gotten kind of used to reporting directly to the VP and I’m not crazy about the idea of having someone I don’t know coming in as my new boss. But then, that’s why I’m always working toward that goal of earning a living off my writing.

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  1. How do you deal with all this crap?
    The writing will pay off. Then you can tell all these *cough* people, who all sound like back stabbers to me, to flip off.

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