Darkscapes update

Not a lot to say. I heard from the publisher at Fine Tooth Press yesterday and he said I should have my galleys of Darkscapes soon — definitely before Thanksgiving. So it’s likely the book will be available before Christmas.

Somebody’s actually been buying the used, out-of-print PublishAmerica copies of Darkscapes at Amazon.com. Stop that! The new version will be better. With the exception of three tales, the stories are the same, but arranged differently and edited better. The three stories I cut were crap that you don’t need to read. I replaced them with far superior stories published after the PA version of the book was released.

Speaking of Amazon, I noticed that both Call to the Hunt and Murdered by Human Wolves had sales ranks in the 12k range last night. Many thanks to those of you buying my books. I appreciate it.

The new version of Shara was supposed to ship from the printer yesterday. No word yet on whether or not that really happened.

Ugh. I’ve got to publish something brand new someday soon. There were no reprints scheduled for 2006, but I suspect now that Seven Days in Benevolence won’t see life as a print book until next year now. I’m really looking forward to that one — a longer work with no werewolves. E-book sales have been very slow, but I’m hoping it’ll go over better in paperback.

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  1. Looking forward to no werewolves? Tsk, tsk. 🙂
    Amazon sounds good…congrats.
    Ah, to think…all my old versions of your books may become collector items one day. Not to mention all the NEW versions I have to buy. LOL

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