CttH page proofs sent

Ahhh. I just sent Nathan at Scrybe Press the corrections to the galleys, or page proofs, of Call to the Hunt. It’s a big step closer to publication now.

One thing that struck me as I was reading the stories is that most of them were written to stand alone, with the reader not knowing there was a werewolf involved. But, of course, as part of a collection, everyone will know from the beginning that (almost) every story has a werewolf in it. I wonder how that will go over with the readers. I’m a bit worried that, if read straight through, the reader might get annoyed knowing that Ulrik was revealed to be a werewolf in the last story, but this next story is being told as if I don’t know Ulrik is a werewolf.

Nathan’s doing some nice promo work for this book. Now I need to find some review outlets and see if I can get myself interviewed or featured on some horror Web sites, or something. I’ve already got an offer to stop by the Oklahoma City library’s “Read About It” television show when I have a copy of the book to show off, but I’d like to get some more genre exposure. Hint, hint to anybody reading. hehe

Sickness update: I’m feeling better, though still producing massive quantities of snot. I got six hours of uninterrupted sleep, which is good for me, but I wanted about 12 more. Jacob slept all night, thanks to cough medicine with codeine in it. Amanda, however, woke up early this morning complaining about an ear ache, so Kim called the doctor and he’s supposed to call in a new prescription for her.

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