CttH available; more OWFI thoughts

Business before pleasure, right? Call to the Hunt
is officially listed on Amazon.com. Though, technically, buying it from
Amazon.com right now is still getting it from the publisher through
Amazon Marketplace. But hey, the listing is here.
It’ll be available actually through Amazon pretty soon. Oh, be sure to
look at the customer picture of the cover if you visit that link. The
version coming up looks like a rectangle of boiled spinach.

Speaking of Amazon, they now have a “no longer available” message with the Shara listing. And speaking of Shara,
Nathan at Scrybe mounted his white horse and is riding to my rescue yet
again. He said he will be able to extract the text from the PDF the
previous publisher gave me and dump it back into an MS Word file,
maintaining italics without the hard returns at the end of every line
like I had in the version the OCU graphic designer gave me. Woohoo!

Today I opened the envelope Vickey Kennedy, now former president of
OWFI, gave me during yesterday’s autograph party. I was surprised to
see it was for twice the amount I expected. I guess the amount I
expected was for one lecture and it was doubled since I did two. All
told, with the speaking fee, contest win and book sales, it was a
pretty profitable weekend. Not to mention a hell of a lot of fun. I
actually had an e-mail today from someone who was in my “Making Dead
Babies Count” lecture, saying she will be using some of the info I
talked about. How cool is that?

I ended up sleeping until noon today. Recovering, I guess. I didn’t
sleep well in the hotel. I guess I can’t sleep well without the wife
taking up more than her half of the bed and knowing there’s no chance
of a certain three-year-old demonic cherub waking up during the night.

Today I looked through the comments on my contest submissions. While
there were quite a few things I kinda snorted over, the one thing that
really bothered me the most was the one sentence fragment critique of Amara’s Prayer.
It says, “Much symbolism causes much trouble reading!” Maybe my mistake
was entering it into the Mainstream Fiction category … but I went
that route partly because of the symbolism. Also, the entry didn’t
include the prologue I added later. Naturally, the comments for “The
God of Discord” were the best. Kim hates that story; it’s too bleak for

Time’s getting on. Back to the real world tomorrow. Shit started on
Saturday when the VP called me on the cell phone to tell me to be ready
to oversee an important event in the sports department early this week.
Yeah, yeah, make me oversee events in the sports department and
business school, but don’t even ask if I wanted the senior director
position. No, I didn’t want it, but it would have been nice to be
considered. Of course, I’d still prefer to teach and am still looking
into doing that somewhere.

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