Crazy day

What a day! Good, bad and indifferent … but definitely busy. Alex and I went to the eye doctor. I was out of contact lenses and he needed an exam. I asked for a different kind of lens because one eye was feeling really dry by the end of every day. But these new lenses are … I dunno. They’re bothering me. I’m stuck with them for the weekend, and hoping they’ll get better.

Alex got his first pair of contacts. I watched him pop them right in with no problem. Brat. I was 32 before I switched to contacts and still cringed over putting them in and out for the first week or so.

From the eye doctor, which cost a whole hell of a lot more than I expected, especially considering the contact lens prescriptions weren’t filled, I rushed to downtown OKC for a job interview. I have no idea how it went. I have mixed feelings about it, anyway, because it may require a move to Tulsa. I should hear back from them next week. Oh, and I got a parking ticket downtown because my meter expired. I hate, hate, HATE downtown Oklahoma City traffic and parking.

I had to dump one of my OKC Business stories for this deadline. I lost some of the work I’d done at the chamber and had to spend a lot of time redoing it. I’m having a hell of a hard time getting people to talk for the two stories I am doing for the paper. I just turned in one of those, a day after deadline, but I’m just stuck on the other. It’s a story about sweep accounts. I’ve called numerous banks, often more than once, and cannot make contact with someone who can talk about the accounts. It’s 3:30 on Friday afternoon … my chances of one of the many people I’ve left messages with actually calling me back are dwindling quickly.

There is one bit of good news that came in today. A feeler I sent out about my screenplay for Murdered by Human Wolves has generated some interest. Mind you, this is EXTREMELY preliminary, but the fact someone — anyone! — is at all interested is nice. The producer I contacted is local and he’s done some documentaries. I thought a documentary film maker might bring a very interesting touch to the story. I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Steve,
    Best of luck with the job. Hope you don’t have to move, that’d suck. And good luck with the screenplay too! Y’never know, it could become the next Blair Witch. ;o)
    Take care,

  2. Sounds like one of those days Steve. Man I hope that guy makes MBHW man that would rock. Good luck with the job:-) Also I got the mag in the mail today you are the man. Check your email when you have a chance:-0

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