Continued Terrorist Attacks Demand Payment in Blood

In a recent debate with a liberal anti-Bush Democrat, he again asserted that no tie has been found between al Qaeda and Iraq and thus we were not justified in going to war with Saddam Hussein’s regime. What a bubbling cauldron of crap that is.

The two or three people out there who read this blog may have realized there wasn’t one last week. With the Republican National Committee happening last week, the lack of commentary from me probably was surprising, but this is the piece I wanted to write; the RNC was done to death by others. I’m late because 1) I was very busy with that pesky ol’ day job, and 2) the subject matter this time is just too disturbing and gets more disturbing every day as the Russian child body count rises.

Back on topic …

First, let’s just pretend Hussein hadn’t defied United Nations sanctions for 12 years, knowing that such defiance would lead to armed coercion into compliance. That alone was justification for war and it’s a pity the international community – and American liberals – don’t have the courage to put muscle behind UN resolutions. But, never mind that.

In too many minds the words “terrorism” and “al Qaeda” have become synonymous and that is a dangerous thing. Osama bin Laden’s al Qaeda is a terrorist group, but bin Laden does not have a monopoly on terror, kidnapping, murder, etc.

Last week, two buses were simultaneously bombed in Israel. A few days later we learned that a school full of children was being held hostage in Russia. The week before, over 90 people were killed when Russian passenger planes were blown up. Terrorists still working in Iraq are holding French citizens captive because the country has not yet lifted a new ban on headscarves.

My liberal friend argued that there was no proof al Qaeda was involved in any of those events, then he said that America should not need to go fight other nations’ terror problems. Did he say that when Bill Clinton got us involved in Bosnia? I doubt it. Other than eating too many Big Mac’s, Clinton did no wrong, right?

At the time of this debate, my response was that all these organizations have two things in common. First, they are terrorists and we have declared war on their ilk. Second, they are all Islamic.

Now, a new link has been found in the Russian terrorist attacks.

Several news organizations are reporting that Chechen warlord Shamil Basayev masterminded the Russian school takeover. Bazayev had al Qaeda support, according to the stories.

Think about that. The organization that hijacked and flew American airplanes loaded with innocent people into buildings filled with thousands more innocent people are now taking school children hostage. And what they did to those children … that is what makes this so hard to write. So hard to think about.

I have four kids. Two of them are in school. The oldest, age 12, began junior high this year and already is surrounded by kids who smoke, who use drugs, etc. I worry every day when I send my children to school because of peer pressure, because of perverts who prowl schools looking for children to satisfy their obscene urges. And now I have to worry about Islamic terrorists taking entire schools hostage and torturing children, killing children, defiling children in unspeakable ways.

A lot has been said about Islam being a religion of peace, that the moderate Islamic people are not members of al Qaeda, that they are not torturers of innocent children, that they don’t strap on bombs like we wear belts and that they don’t blow up buses, airplanes or shopping places. And yet, these peace-loving Islamists never seem to band together and condemn the actions of the terrorists.

Why should they? Islam is a derivative religion created to curb fighting of Arabic tribes and focus their aggression outward, at the infidels. If you don’t believe that, you don’t know the history of Mohammad and his religion.

Do you know what scares me the most about these recent events? If John Kerry is elected president in November, these things could happen here. His voting record shows that he is weak when it comes to the military, he is weak on homeland defense and his policy against terror is reactionary – he would not act until we are attacked. Already he’s forgotten 9/11, forgotten the numerous terrorists attacks we suffered virtually without response during the Clinton Administration.

Kerry would not take military action to ensure that what happened in Beslan, Russia, does not happen here.

Kerry would wait until your children, my children, hundreds of American children are kidnapped, held hostage, abused, tortured and murdered for sport before he would take action. And God only knows what his reaction to that might be if that actually happened.

We cannot wait for these terrorists to strike America again. We must re-elect George W. Bush, a man who will pursue the terrorists with American might, who will root them out and destroy them.

I am not willing to back off now and someday see my children murdered by Islamic devils. I am not ready to hope that Kerry would choose action over words in that situation. I want blood now. I want blood as payment for what was done in America, in Israel, in Russia and everywhere else these terrorists have struck.

If you can look at the pictures of those Russian children lying in their coffins – so many coffins the city of Beslan cannot even bury them all – and not demand payment in blood, you shouldn’t be reading this blog.

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